Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Passing through

We are too much persuaded that we are the solid ones, and the internet is the home of ephemerality.

Time-lapse video of static objects and ghostlike flickering humans: this is the world perceived from the point of view of websites.


nick stewart said...

Thanks again for excellent talk at WSA today. Will you be posting it on here?

Sean Cubitt said...

not here Nick - bits have appeared, or related items: a version will be available internally; and a longer version of the second part is on my slideshare (linked lower down the page)

milkred said...

that is so beautifully true

it makes me remember william gibson's concept of a 'walled city', a visualisation of an online community, a briefest flicker of an address before it moved to another segment of the net. the most amazing thing is that he wrote it in 1996