Sunday, February 20, 2011

On The Move

Today we are packing up our place in Melbourne because I'm taking up a new job at Winchester School of Art in the UK. I continue as Professorial Fellow at University of Melbourne, and I'll be back on a flying visit for our Digital Light symposium on the 18th and 19th of March.


Rachel said...

hi sean,
congrats on your new post at winchester, and good luck on your move! I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience, winchester was one of the universities highly recommended for their arts programme.

sonja van kerkhoff said...

travel well to this side of the globe!

Hume said...

Congrats Sean!

I had imagined you staying in Melbourne for a long time. This is only based on my own affection for that city, and for Australia!

Best of luck in the UK!

David Gauntlett said...

Hi Sean,

As I have also recently moved to Winchester, I thought I'd get in touch. I can't find your new email address, though. If you'd like to say hello and have a coffee, please email d.gauntlett [at]