Wednesday, October 29, 2008

About this blog

The idea was to write short, snappy memos. It became a place for thoughts generated in the short moments in a crowded schedule when real writing wasn't an option. Now my notebook is full of new fragments. An oddity: I never thought this would matter, it would be a diary I could access on the road. Google ensures that, as a Google app, it comes up high on a search for my name. Good side: hearing from old friends. Bad side: memos to self are public. Density of expression useful for the note form can be aphoristic but also cryptic, rebarbative, and open to criticism. Good side (2): getting smart comments. Including the occasional flame. Everyone lives in public. It's just a shame that publication under current conditions is commodified, so much that honesty flies out, and wearing a mask is the current form of the integral spectacle at the personal level.

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